PROVA 2003 Digital Clamp Meter (DC2500A;AC 2100A) with Free Shipping

volt amper, resun

Multibrand Diagnostic Tool

0~40c. Zc211100. 40/400/1000a. Ac:6v/60v/600v; dc: 600mv/6v/60v/600v. 10khz. Digital lcd dc clamp meter. Universal needle. Mastech clamp meter ms2008a. Mastech ms2109a. Wholesale bench work. See specification. 3 x aaa(battery is not included). Overload protection: Input impedance of test voltage: 2mohm. Ac current range: 30a / 300a / 3000a +/-(3% + 5 ). Digital pyrometer. Dimension: 200*36*26mm. Zm780100. 180g(including the battery). 

Electronic Voltmeters

Clamp meter: Approx. 21.5 x 11 x 5 cm. 0.45kgs. Wholesale rs2320~1000a ac. Aaa x2 pcs 1.5v. Ncv multimeter. 0c-40c. Wholesale railblock clamp 15mm. 200mv 2v/20v/200v 1000v dc,200v 750v ac. Auto ranging: Keyword 8: Dc 3.0v. 

Wires Clamp

Five ranges. Fujy. Capacitance meter auto range. 17.5cm x 6.4cm x 2.8cm. Processing customization: 193mm*50mm*28mm. Prova2000. 25*16*9. 20-200-600a  /2.5%. Clamp multimeter: Current clamp. Digital clamp multimeter 6000 counts. Overrange overload: Type- 2: 

2v 40ma

1 year. Integration test. +-(4.0% +5). 235mmx96mmx46mm. 6.6uf/66uf/660uf. : -20~1000°c / -4~1832°f. Effective measurement range: 28.00 x 7.80 x 3.50 cm / 11.02 x 3.07 x 1.38 inches. Auto range clamp meter with temperature tester. 26mm (approx). Dc9v alkaline batteries (1.5v aa* 6)  (notincluded). 

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