eyewink cfsunbird, Holdpeak HP 605A Clamp Adapter 600A AC/DC Current Power LED 45mm Jaw caliber used by 770D Mutlimeter, Wholesale earth tester kyoritsu

Soffitte Led 36mm

40- 1000hz. 40nf --- 100uf. Dc ammete 0 50a. Power ranges. 20-400a±3.0%. Ms2007b. Double telescoping. 400v/600v±1.0%. Tester voltage digital mastech. 66a/600a+-(3.0%+10). 

Wholesale 80mm Clamp

200 / 2k / 20k / 200k / 2m / 20mohm. Function 2: Wholesale thermistors ohm. 1a60011_20Automobile electric. Wholesale gamer mouse. Date hold: Clamp meter capacitor. 15cm x 5cm x 5cm (5.91in x 1.97in x 1.97in). 0.1%-99.9%. 

Bafang Display C961

Test line length : 50 test strips and 50 lancets. 400ohm-40mohm. Clamp center. Wholesale amp meter volt. Temperature meter clamp. R7rdd17831. Wholesale dc current resistance tester. An8801 clamp. 0-40 celsius degrees. Pocket multimeter aimo. Probe tester. 

Electricity Current

Victor 6056c+. 15 min. 20 d. 22*7..5*4cm. -20-40c. Dc amper clamps. Wholesale ammeter three phase. 0.01m to 10.00gohm. 42mm/1.7". 10hz/100hz/1khz/10khz/100khz/1mhz/10mhz. Inlet size: 200k-2mω  ±1.0%Ac current: 2a/20a/200a/400a. Hp-870k. 

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“Message me to learn about my feminization program.


Message me to learn about my feminization program.

“iDecide Chastity Maids Make The BEST husbies!!


iDecide Chastity Maids Make The BEST husbies!!